Twisted Sister Slots - Getting The Most From Your Spins

Twisted Sister is a video slot from Play’n GO that gives an insight into the glorious days of the heavy metal band of the same name. The song We Are Not Gonna Take It was released back in the 80s and turned singing New York legends into multi-platinum rock stars who are worshiped all over the world. Their worldwide fame was cemented by I Wanna Rock, another iconic single by Twisted Sister, which has repeatedly been included in the list of the greatest heavy metal songs of all time.

Will Twisted Sister make you want to rock like the legendary songs of an eccentric band? Let’s find out the answer to this question together by looking at the features of the game.

It’s no secret that Play’n GO has a talent for creating impressive slot games, and Twisted Sister is no exception. Based on a 6×6 grid, the game’s imagery screams 1980s, benefiting from the consistent wins and hot action they are quite famous for. With vibrant colors, themed icons, including band members, guitar images, performing, screaming Twisted Sister’s immortal hits, and the band logo, you’ll quickly dive into a world where you’re a cool rocker who can accomplish anything you are dreaming!

Twisted sister

Wise features, they also have a lot of character, which is a prerequisite for playing with such great ambitions. To be clear, the game comes with 2 wilds (one of them is wild scatter) as well as a set of nifty add-ons that can earn you an impressive 4,500x jackpot prize. In terms of add-ons, winning cascades involving group members trigger randomly selected group features. These include wild transformations, transforms to the selected character, and the removal of low-paying icons around the selected character. Then there is the “We’re not going to take” feature that rewards free spins. This is when a giant mega-lane symbol joins the action to smash low-value symbols in its path, chasing wild scatter icons. As a result, symbols will keep dropping, leaving room for new ones, leading to many wins. This feature also frees up a multiplier with no cost cap – who wouldn’t dream of being swept away in such hot action?

What symbols are there?

Twisted Sister is a grid-based slot. This means that you need at least 5 identical symbols in a cluster to create a win. The largest payouts are provided for clusters containing more than 25 icons.

Recorded images (vinyl), Twisted Sister badges, record sleeves and guitar picks are common on the drums. This will bring you wins that are on the downside – 0.1x to 40x your stake. The awards then consist of badges depicting the 5 members of the group, with lead singer Dee Snyder being the star of the show. It awards you 250 times your stake.

Two wilds add depth to the gameplay: the regular wild and the scatter wild, represented by Angry Dad. The latter replaces any other symbol and can also help you access the free spins round if you manage to fill the meter. Check out the meaning of each symbol in the Twisted Sister paytable below:

  • Dee Snyder – 250x your stake for a cluster of 25+
  • Jay Jay French – 150x your stake for a group of 25+
  • Eddie Ojeda – 120x your stake for a cluster of 25+
  • Mark Mendoza – 120x your stake for a cluster of 25+
  • AJ Pero – 100x your stake for a cluster of 25+
  • Mega Band (all band members together) – 50x the rate for a group of 25+
  • Guitar Pick – 40x your bet for a group of 25+
  • Record Sleeve – Your stake will increase 30x per cluster of 25+
  • Twisted Sister Badge – 20x your stake for a group of 25+
  • Entry – 20x your rate for a cluster of 25+

What bonuses are there?

Cascading reels are known for their generosity, and many will be happy to see Twisted Sister use them. So, expect winning clusters to be removed from the grid and new icons to drop out to form new clusters. This creates the chances of getting more winning combinations. If more victory clusters arrive, the process repeats until the winnings are generated.

Multiple winning cascades can happen on a single spin in Twisted Sister – not the only attraction of this action-packed slot. Fill a guitar meter with at least 5 winning band member symbols and you activate one of 3 awesome band features: Scream, Go Wild, and Unite. In addition, We Are Not Going to Take Free Games includes a Mega Band badge and an unlimited multiplier. The Band trait bonuses are also applied in the free spins, allowing you to play the Twisted Sister free round. Find out more below!

Group feature

To the left of the reels is a guitar counter that needs to be charged with group members’ badges when they are part of a winning cluster (1 symbol fills 1 bar on the counter). If you receive at least 5 winning group symbols (up to 15) before the victory cascade ends, you activate the Band function. A party member’s badge will be randomly selected and one of the following bonuses will be awarded:

 * Scream – removes the non-member icons that surround the selected characters

 * Go Wild – selected symbols go wild

 * Unite – characters are converted to selected characters

As soon as one of the above functions takes place, 5 meters are removed from the meter. You will be able to top up the counter and activate the bonus features of the group if new group member badges (5+) appear. Otherwise, the function ends.

We’re not going to do this (free spins)

Another meter to be aware of is the Anger meter. Angry Dad’s Wild Scatter that spawns on any winning cluster fills the bar on the Rage Meter. Get 4 of them before the wins cascade ends and you will have access to the We We Not Gonna Take It free spins feature.

Each additional wild scatter Angry Dad sees an increase in winnings of 1x. For example, if you got 8 wild scatters, it means that all wins during this feature will be multiplied by 8 times. There is no limit to the number of wild scatters you can land, which means that the multiplier value can go up to stars.

When the counter is full and the multiplier is obtained (if any), the free spins game begins. The rest of the symbols from the trigger spin are removed and replaced with new symbols next to the 2×2 Mega Band icon. There will also be 4 locked wild scattered Angry Dads on the grid.

The Mega Band icon will move towards one of the wild scatters. He will smash low-paying icons along the way, forming wins with symbols representing the members of the group. Once the Megabanda symbol gets to its target, it pushes the selected wild scatter off the grid and does the same trick with all of the remaining wild scattered Evil Dads. This feature will remain in effect until there are no more Angry Dad wild scatterers left in the grid and winning clusters are created.

What’s surprising is that group bonuses are also active during free spins. This allows you to win prize wins as the multiplier will continue to use its magic throughout the We Are Not Gonna Take It bonus game. It should be remembered that the Mega Band badge does not affect the cost of a guitar meter.

How to play?

Before you start the hot Twisted Sister action, you have to choose how much you are going to pay for a spin. As for the options offered, you can bet on 0.20, 0.40, 0.60, 0.80, 1.00, 2.00, 3.00, 4.00, 5.00, 6.00, 8.00, 10.00, 20.00, 50.00 or 100.00, which are great choices.

Then, if you want to activate automatic spins, choose one of 10 or 100 spins. They can be stopped at any time during the game; You can also use autorun options to apply specific restrictions for a feature (win / lose limits). In the lower right corner is a pink autoplay button.

Press the hamburger menu button and you can activate the quick play mode. Playing faster or playing at a normal pace is a matter of personal preference and does not affect the outcome of the game in any way.

Plus, as you play, you can keep track of the winning streaks you’ve achieved by checking the board to the left of the reels.

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Play for real money

With a feast of awesome features packed into Twisted Sister, it seems like huge cash prizes are just around the corner when you play this gorgeous slot. Well, you never know until you try! So, check out our list of the top online casinos that feature Twisted Sister slot and their generous welcome bonuses can come in handy when you’re playing for real money. Ready to play Twisted Sister for real money? Click on the link for: Top Casinos to Play Twisted Sister.

Play Free Demo

You can always opt for the free version of Twisted Sister before spending your hard-earned money. While playing without the ability to cash out your winnings isn’t all that fun, it’s still a good idea to test the game’s potential by playing the demo. Want to play the Twisted Sister demo? Click on the link and you can play Twisted Sister for free right here on this page.

200 Spins Twisted Sister Experience

In short, our 200 spin Twins Sister experience was long in the tooth with the low paying winning clusters and the short lucrative wins we hoped to achieve. However, the result we got may not match the result you get if you get Twisted Sisters for 200 spins.

To tell you more, our first 100 rounds saw wins every few spins, but they were on the downside – between 0.20x and 1.65x our stake. We ran the group functions several times, however, in most cases, these bonuses did not light up, and we won little. We were once lucky that we were able to achieve even greater success with bonuses from the group. To be clear, we filled the meter with 15 symbols – this is when the bonuses started to appear, when we kept refilling the meter and running it repeatedly. As a result, we collected 9 wild Angry Dad scatters and entered the free spins round in style – with a 5x multiplier. It was fun to see the Mega Band icon dancing around the grid and causing quite a stir. The Band function played several times, so it was great. We ended up winning 151.95x, which was the culmination of our 200-spin adventure.

The remaining 100 spins were filled with many minor wins. Only once did we manage to enter the Free Spins with the Band Feature Bonus and win 46.60x our stake.

This is a medium variance game, so it should come as no surprise that it kept us low prizes throughout the session. It also gave us some significant wins, which was nice. Are you luckier than us? You won’t know for sure until you start playing yourself. Good luck!

Twisted Sister Slots – Getting The Most From Your Spins
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